New Shoes and That Tango Feeling

After my previous posting I went out dancing with the hope that I might come across that Tango feeling – after everything I said, I still live in hope, (can’t help it ’cause it was sooo nice)  but with no expectations.

I thought I would start off with some Ceroc to get me in the mood and to be around some happy people before I headed off for Negracha.  I had a great hour of dancing, pretty much non-stop.  Meeting up with Brian, who I had met few weeks ago, was a bonus.  It was fantastic having a dance with someone who was interested in the nuances of the songs rather than working out how many times he could spin me around.  We danced to quite a few slower numbers.  He’s rather sexy, smells nice and is quite fit, so it all made for a very warm experience to say the least.  He would make a great Tango dancer.  So, we had our way with each other on the dance floor and then I left him to go up to Negracha.

I didn’t get far – when I got to my car my phone was ringing.  Who the heck was calling me after 11pm?  Only my poor lodger, he was locked out of the house and I had to let him in.  So, I went home earlier than I expected and on the way back was thinking how much fun I had.  I think I got that Tango feeling, but dancing Ceroc!  Who would have thought!

New ShoesThese are my latest acquisition.  A spanking brand new pair of Comme il Faut Tango shoes to add to my growing collection.  Krissy and Angie were selling the new collection at El Porteñito @ The Bedford last night and I couldn’t resist buying a pair.  It was an emotional purchase – it isn’t as if I haven’t got any dance shoes!  I wanted a pair that I could wear with tights and these fit the job as my normal style is more of a sandal and these have a peep toe.  They are black suede with silver detail with a cutout full heel cage.  Very comfy, sexy and just yummy.  They are also my Christmas present to myself and go with everything.    I could throw in a few more justifications as to why I need purchase another pair of shoes, especially as I am currently unemployed and should be saving my money.  The shoes called to me and I answered the phone.  Looking at them now (they are currently on the mantelpiece) I can see how beautiful they are.  I wish I had space to display all of my CiF’s.  Like little works of art they are.  The guys also love them so that is an added bonus – must be the stiletto heel – hmm.

After stowing away my purchase, I looked around to see who was dancing.  The floor was pretty empty when I arrived, but that was because most of the women were looking at the shoes.  No surprises there.  I haven’t been out on a Sunday for quite awhile and was happy to note a few familiar faces to dance with.  I had a really enjoyable evening.

My dancing highlight came when I had a couple of dances with a visiting Tanguero from BsAs.  I was admiring his Chacarera and thought he might be nice to dance with.  Bridget suggested that I ask him, but I couldn’t (I have a thing about asking the Argentinos), so Bridget pimped for me.  He was very gracious in asking me to dance and I must say that it was all that I hoped for.  I did feel a bit light-headed afterwards.  In any event, I’m not so sure how it was for him, but the experience certainly made me very happy.  It was as close as I was going to get to that Tango feeling.  If he had asked me because he really wanted to, it might have been a different story.  We’ll never know.

I think I really experienced that Tango feeling when I bought the shoes!

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