Thank You for the Music

There has been a big hoo-haa on the Tango-UK group lately.  Well, there usually is a dispute of some sort that ends up in name calling and the last one is no exception.  What sometimes starts out as an interesting topic usually goes drastically down-hill.  Heaven forbid that any disagreement goes smoothly.  The sarcasm, the nastiness – and that’s just from the boys!  I used to think that women were bitchy, but not anymore.  I’ll never understand why, when there is a difference of opinion it always ends up in name calling.  Why can’t people be polite?  No, no, no – it has to be nasty sarcasm and name calling all the way.

When I said to a friend that sarcasm is the lowest form of humour, he politely corrected me and told me that Oscar Wilde said it was the lowest form of wit.  Wit, twit – what does it matter?  Well, some people are actually very witty and others just plain crass or just darn rude.  There are ways of making a point without getting personal.  Well usually.

I have come across a blog site that has me in stitches.  Margaret and Helen – they are too good to be believed that they are real old ladies, but I don’t care.  Helen is one straight talking old lady.  No holds barred.  She calls and ass an ass and a bitch a bitch.  Funny as it is, I have only one minor criticism.  I think that she should say instead that someone is behaving like an ass or a bitch – but she is supposed to be 83 and probably could care less. I would love to say it like that, but until I’m 83 and really can’t give a fig, I won’t.  I am sorry to say that I agree with her as there has been a sad state of affairs in my country these last 8 years.  Don’t get me started.

Anyway, I digress.  Going back to the latest slap-fest which started a couple of weeks ago about the History of Tango – always an interesting topic – I feel it went downhill after the posting with the following statement: ‘The purpose of the information being forwarded was, and still is, to encourage civil debate, respectful dissent and responsible sorting of facts and fiction……’  Noble as that may be, it is just a red rag to a bull to the UK bunch in my opinion.  I stopped reading the posts not long after that.

I am always asked what I think about the latest dog fight on the group as I usually have an opinion – I just can’t seem to get interested these days as most of the arguments seem to be amongst the usual culprits.  I’ll just post my opinions on my blog instead.  At least people are choosing to come here.  They don’t have to read my posts if they don’t want to, rather than having to press the delete button, which I have resorted to.

Anyway, I am not interested if the content in the postings about the History of Tango and the African influences was accurate or not.  Nor do I care who knows more than the other about this topic. If you do, great – just leave me out of it.  I know that History has its place, and we can learn a lot from it, but I am more concerned about the present.  Learning about the accurate (if that can ever be so) History of Tango and its influences isn’t going to make me love Tango any more than I do now.

I am just so grateful that Tango music and the dance has come into my life.  I am grateful for all the people who created it and have left this legacy behind for us to enjoy.  I am grateful that there are people so interested in the music that they collect it and play it for us and make it available (what is left of it) for us to purchase.  I may hate to admit it, but in this case I have to agree with Milonga Cat when he said: ‘How “Tango” came about – for me was never the reason why I fell in love with its music and dance, it does not bother me or make me feel UNCOMFORTABLE, I have no desire to find out if it can be changed and rewritten.  Its past does not bother me.  It is its present that concerns me.’

So, to all of the Maestros that created and sang Tango music – I thank you from the core of my soul – as that is where it lives.


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  1. jantango
    Dec 04, 2008 @ 03:20:40

    The longer we dance tango, the more we will enjoy it and learn about it–its composers, its lyricists, the orchestras, etc. I have found that exposure to tango music naturally creates an interest in learning more. I want to understand the lyrics I heard while dancing in a milonga, so I research them on Each who finds tango will be interested in learning more for one’s own personal reasons. I need another lifetime for all there is to learn about tango.

    Tango dancing requires us to be present in the moment or we miss what it’s giving us.

  2. Annabel Kaye
    Dec 04, 2008 @ 16:09:59

    I study conflict for a living and work with every day. The problems of communication, ego, misunderstanding and pain are everywhere – everywhere people go – but on the dance floor I am thankfully free of that and can listen to my partners heartbeat without ego or the need to make anything complex – for me that is the joy of tango, it’s ability to transform. I suspect people in pain from all nations have contributed to this and continue to do so – african, argentinean, moorish, jewish, american, british, it is all the same when we listen to our hearts!!! My mind adores planet tango’s translations, my heart loves to dance with Alberto (when I see him which is rare) but my soul wants to explore the music without complications…es un tango, no?——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

  3. Charl
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 18:24:29

    Hi Arlene, I stumbled upon your blog through MsHedgehog. Anyway, I, too, have listed myself to receive mails from the Tango-UK Yahoo group. However, I’ve switched it off since July because I got totally depressed and disappointed with all the bickering. It makes me sad that the tango community can be so nasty to each other. I really don’t understand why. Anyhow, I have also began my own dance blog and I was hoping we could exchange links.

  4. Arlene
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 18:54:53

    Reply to all,
    Jantango: I totally agree. I just don’t want to be sucked into other people’s arguments.
    Annabel: Ditto as above
    Charl: Don’t switch it off – You can get a daily digest and sift for the useful information – and it isn’t the Tango Community – just a few idiots. So, welcome aboard. I checked out your other sites too. A busy lady you are. A

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