The Dome Xmas Party 2008

the-dome1Having arrived at The Dome just after 9:30, I was surprised to see how crowded the dance floor was already.  But then I remembered that David Benitez and Kim Schwartz had been giving the lesson earlier.  They are obviously very popular.  Everyone I spoke with that took the lesson said that they enjoyed it.   They also gave us a lovely performance later in the evening, and as usual, it was a pleasure watching them dance together.

The dance floor was very busy all evening, as to be expected on a party night – and  Punto y Branca, the DJ from Buenos Aires, did a great job of keeping the dance floor full.  There was a nice little Salsa break and I was fortunate enough to find a dance partner and use other parts of my body that don’t normally move when dancing Tango.  While taking time to recover from the Salsa dancing, I couldn’t help thinking how I ever managed to dance a whole evening like that years ago!

There was some lovely food laid out for us as well and that disappeared almost as quickly as it had arrived!  I had eaten earlier, so I just admired it from afar.  There were also mince pies and fruit set out on the tables – the polo mints were a nice touch!

I did my usual round of dancing and socialising – fluttering around the room.   There were so many people that I hadn’t seen in awhile, and so I ended up chatting more than dancing.

I had an interesting conversation about floorcraft, a topic that always seems to come up at every Milonga.  As the floor was particularly busy, it was difficult to avoid the odd bump and kick here and there.  I must say that I prefer the staying on the edge and moving in the line of dance school of thought.  However, a new one was mentioned to me – the having spatial awareness school of thought.  Interesting as that may sound, I don’t believe that there are very many out there with spatial awareness – so the jury is still out for me on that one.

I prefer to dance with my eyes closed and enjoy the music if that is possible, but on really busy evenings, if my eyes are closed, it could be because I am too scared to see what is going on behind my dance partner.  I figure if I have to keep my eyes open to safeguard my partner’s back, then I might as well sit out.  It just ruins the whole experience for me as I can’t be fully in the moment.  These days, I have come to appreciate the quality of dancing over quantity.  So I was just as happy to listen to the music and had an enjoyable evening.

Things eased up on the floor after midnight when people left to make the last train or for other personal reasons.  This is when the music got a bit funkier and there were a few fun and unusual tracks that were played before it went back to being traditional.

I didn’t stay until the very end, but I managed pretty close.  I think Carolina and her team created a great party atmosphere and I look forward to seeing them again in the New Year.

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  1. Tangototty
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 23:22:47

    Hi Arlene

    OMG. Wow, your pages are wonderful. Its so refreshing to hear about tango from someone who knows so much about it, without treating it like a religious observance. I can’t stand the lack of respect some of these so called leaders show. If you’re in a car and you go into the the person in front then its your fault. The same goes for cutting in from the side. I know we occasionally end up on our knees with exhaustion but thats a good night. I don’t want some inconsiderate macho floor rager bumping into the poor couple in front. Like you I prefer to keep to the rules of the floor or just not bother. It might be worth asking these people discreetly how qualified they are to dance with us. I know custom dictates politeness but good god have you seen some of these guys. They should be wearing L plates and Shin pads. Perhaps keep them in a seperate pen until they can prove themselves. Unless of course they are gorgeous in which case I can put up with the bumping. Am I right or what?
    On your subject of CiF shoes, I agree completely with you. Until I discovered CiF shoes my tango seemed to lack something and my feet didn’t feel loved. I now have 6 pairs which I alternate to save wear and I think you will agree that its worth the effort to preserve them. I am lucky because I got mine in BA at a fraction of the cost.
    Your comment about extending the leg length is spot on. If you have a fat ass like I have its worth the deception for the overall effect. Its all smoke and mirrors. Lets make it hard for them to resist.
    I’ll be keeping a close eye on these pages. Keep pumping it out. Keep telling it like it is.

    Tangototty xx

  2. The voice of reason
    Dec 20, 2008 @ 14:26:39

    Hi Arlene

    Some of what Tottie writes makes sense. I agree that we should be keeping the woman safe on the floor. I do think she has the wrong idea about what tango can be. Surely it’s not all about shoes and making your figure look better than it really is. I prefer the natural look in a woman and would reccomend that all women should own at least one pair of practice shoes. These women who are let loose with their Comme il Faut stilleto’s can be lethal. Men may have their faults but it is these dangerous shoes which are the real hazard. I have seen both men and women lacerated and stamped on by these. Perhaps you should take some sort of proficiency test before you are allowed to buy these. I would be more than willing to make that judgement. Did you enjoy Negracha last night?

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