Transtango at The Bloomsbury Theatre

14th February – Saturday – Transtango – Bloomsbury Theatre – 8pm

Transtango presents it’s latest work Two Journeys.

A mix of music, film and dance telling the story of people on the move. A celebration of the pulse and heart of the city through its music.
An enticing blend of contemporary tango and jazz cooked up by British composer Tim Garland along with Eduardo Vassallo and Marcelo Nisinman two of Argentina’s most exciting musical talents.
– a perfect recipe for Valentine’s night.

Mina & Giraldo from Corrientes – Will be dancing in Transtango at the Bloomsbury Theatre.  No class on this date.  For tickets please go to the Theatre’s website. We will be open as usual.

Tickets £20, concessions £15

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. El Firulete
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 19:15:14

    My good friend,

    Characterizing Argentines as Latinos is as bad a choice as considering Rio de Janeiro the capital of Buenos Aires.

    Argentines are argentinos.

  2. Arlene
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 23:34:20

    Hola El Firulete,

    I wasn’t classifyining ‘Only’ Argentines as Latinos. We have Argentines, Columbians, Spaniards, Italians and I grouped them collectively. What else should I call them as I do not want to offend.

  3. El Firulete
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 16:17:09

    No offense is taken.
    The people for Argentina are the result of various Europeans nationalities, mostly Spain and Italy.
    The use of the term Latinos doesn’t refer to the Roman language ‘latin’ but it is a shortened version of Latino American, a sweetened racist code word to lump people of various colors into one convenient check box.
    What characterizes “latinos” is the color of their skins, a byproduct of interracial mixing of people of African and native descent with the original conquistadores.
    We prefer to be referred as Argentinos, much as Colombians are called colombianos, Mexicans, mexicanos, Spaniards, españoles.

  4. Arlene
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 17:04:34

    El Firulete,
    Thank you for that little language lesson. Being American, in trying to identify a group here in London (which has become very multi-cultural), I went with the Wikipedia rendition of Latino and threw in the Italians for good measure. Latino:
    Maybe I should have just said Spanish Speakers, but then that wouldn’t have been entirely accurate either.

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