Ask Arlene…Lectures on the Dancefloor Part 2

My compatriot in Buenos Aires, Deby Novitz, has provided a piece as ‘Tia Deby’ for Jenney Surelia’s blog, Tango Thoughts.  ‘Tia Deby’ has provided her take on the lecturing on the dance floor theme.

What I love about Deby, apart from her wicked sense of humour, is that she has considerable experience of dancing at the Milongas in Buenos Aires, and she has been living there for over four years.  Therefore, I am inclined to listen seriously to what she has to say as she has pretty much ‘been there and done that’.

So, when Jenney posted the link to the recent advice from ‘Tia Deby’, I read it with interest and I feel that what she had to say was quite pertinent on this topic.  I have had a similar incident about someone holding my arm in a certain way that was uncomfortable to me and when I made a suggestion (very nicely) to not give me the death grip, the guy argued with me.  I say no more.

If you haven’t read it already you can find the link below.  If you want to know more about Deby Novitz and her life in Buenos Aires, I have a link for her on my sidebar.

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  1. Mr Walker
    Feb 12, 2009 @ 19:56:44

    I must confess that i have been told before that my embrace was too tight, and of course i changed it accordingly, These little things can creep into your dancing without you knowing We danced again later that evening and i thanked her for her advice….

  2. Caroline
    Feb 12, 2009 @ 22:41:07

    Indeed, when your physical integrity is at stake there is nothing to argue about.
    The behavior of some people would never cease to astonish me.

  3. Voice of reason
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 00:00:31

    I am all for preserving physical integrity on the dance floor. Indeed I have discussed this at length on this blog. I of course refer to the many women who brandish their high heels like razors on the dance floor.
    Ok, I promise not to clamp on to my partner (not that I do anyway) if more women promise not to slice our legs with their wild voleos. Is it a deal ladies? Practice shoes for all women with less than a years consistent tango training. Perhaps we should all be more aware of our partners comfort. Indeed, I danced with one young lady a few weeks ago and it was most uncomfortable as her fake boobs jammed into my sensitive chest. It gave me nothing more than mild bruising, which I have gotten over.
    I suppose it must be the same for women if they are faced with a partner who is less than gentle.
    Can we ban fake .. err..bits please? Their as bad as CiF’s on a beginner. I think its only reasonable.


  4. Tangototty
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 23:02:24

    Hey VoR,
    While I can’t agree with banning fake bits as it would leave many of the more talented dancers out of milongas, I do think you have a point about practise shoes.
    Arlene, did you see Sally Potter at Corrientes last Saturday with Pablo Veron. (Have you danced with him yet?) VOR was right, Sally does still wear practise shoes. You’d think she would have moved on to CiF’s by now.

  5. Voice of Reason
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 11:17:31

    Hi totty
    I was very happy to read your comments on Sally potter wearing practice shoes. I wasn’t at corrientes that week but I did hear it was a bit like a bad school disco. Your probably right about the fake bits. I was just being provocative, which is quite unlike me.

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