Practicas in London

I would like to start adding Practicas to the Milonga Calendar.

Some bright spark seems to think that there aren’t any in London.

If you have a practica and would like to be listed, please send me a comment with the details and I will add it to the calendar.

Ask Arlene…About Being Attracted to Your Teacher

Dear Arlene

I have got a problem in that I find my tango teacher very attractive. Is this normal in the passion which tango can generate? I feel my stomach turning to jelly when he holds me in a close embrace and I am worried that my responses are inadequate as a result. Could you advise me how to take emotional control of this situation. I feel that it is getting in the way of my desire to learn. By the way changing teachers is not really an option because I am confident that he is a very competent teacher and dancer.

Trish the Dish

Dear Trish,

I wouldn’t know if this is normal behaviour as I have never been attracted to any of my teachers.

I have felt a bit apprehensive and nervous in the past when dancing with a teacher, but only because I may not have been very confident of my dancing skills at the time.  The ‘oh my God, I am dancing with the teacher’ effect occurred, which happens occasionally when in close proximity to perceived greatness.

I am over that now.

Since changing your teacher is not an option, perhaps imagining them with their wife or girlfriend might put you off your attraction.  Knowing that another person is involved in a relationship usually does it for me, that and the fact that I am paying money for a service.

Trish, you are paying for a lesson.  Try and focus.

Any other suggestions?

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