Ask Arlene…Shoe problem

Dear Arlene,

I am a CiF addict and I have the following problem: I have a pair of shoes in BsAs which are already paid and waiting to be brought to London. Now, I have a friend who is going soon to BsAs but will not come back until September; which is quite long as you can imagine…so if you happen to know about someone trustworthy coming back to London a bit sooner, my Argentine friend would kindly deliver shoes to their hotel/apartment/etc. Can you help??


Dear Geraldine,

I can’t help right now as I don’t know anyone going and coming back, but maybe someone else can.

I am more inclined to wait until September.

Over to you guys!


Why People Leave Tango/Why People Love Tango

There is a survey on the West Coast about why people leave Tango.

The post by Working Artist sums up how I feel about it (the link to the survey is on her blog).  I came across her blog through Tangocherie, who also has a few things to say about this.

People leave or return to Tango for many reasons.  Does it really matter why?  Not to me.  I come and I go.  If I don’t go so often anymore is is not because I don’t like it or love it, but because I might be tired or doing other things.  I spent the first 3 years of my Tango life dancing 5 nights a week.  I was working full time, but my job and hours were different to what I am doing now.  I wasn’t in a relationship.  Now I am and he lives out of London.  My priorities are not the same.  I listen to Tango music all of the time as that is what is really important to me.

Tango doesn’t care who dances or who leaves.  Tango will always be there.

I think this survey just gives people another outlet to moan and whine about Tango, and is probably not totally accurate because those who really left it may not be reading about it.  I say that people should quit their belly-aching, whining, whinging, moaning, griping and what other euphemism that comes to mind.  Grow up and get on with life and your dancing and take responsibility.  If something is not working, try something else or go somewhere else, but stop bitching about it, it doesn’t change anything.  I know, because I have had my moments of bitching and complaining.  I don’t do that anymore. My enjoyment of Tango is better because I no longer expect anything from it.  It is what it is and if I am not enjoying myself, I go home.  Easy peasy.

So, let’s focus on the positive.  I want to know why people love Tango and why they stay! (only comments about why you love it will be posted, no bitching allowed)

from Arlene: Considering the hundreds of people who have viewed this post in the last week, I find it incredible that only a few people have commented.  When I post something about not being asked for dances or cliques, then the comments come flying in.  I think that is very interesting.

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