Dance With Me – The Movie – 19th September

DanceWithMe- POSTER

Dance With Me, first feature by award-winning director Sasha C. Damjanovski, is screening in the DRAMA category of Portobello Film Festival, in London.

This is a British indie feature, an intense relationship drama, featuring amazing dance sequences – a cross of contemporary dance with tango.

Starring: Johanne Murdock, Adam Napier and Jane Stanton and dancers Ismael Ludman and Guggi Zuzakova.

Duration 82 min
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Alice and Neil should be having the perfect holiday in their summer house in the country, she working with her dancers in the conservatory and he sipping on his tea by the lake, watching the amazing sky. Except it’s not really a holiday, Neil is on a year’s leave from work, pending further tests in his mysterious condition, and Alice, well she has her own problems.

There is no doubt of their love for one another, yet, why are things so difficult? Will Alice and Neil simply learn to live with their situation? Is her work helping or making things worse? And is Neil’s ‘plan’ really the solution?

Date: 19th September.

Time: The programme starts at 4pm, with three short films screening (each 15 minutes  long) before the feature.

Venue: Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, W10 5JJ


Transport: nearest tubes are Westbourne Park and Ladbroke Grove.  buses 31, 28, 52, 23

I am lucky to have already seen this film, and if you hadn’t seen it already, now you have another chance.

A few of you ladies in London already know how lovely it is to dance with Sasha.  What most people don’t know is that he is also a very talented photographer and film-maker.

There are also a couple of familiar faces in this film:  our very own Jane Stanton (she is also lovely dancer) and Ismael Ludman.  Ismael has taught Argentine Tango in London with Eleonora and is now teaching in Berlin.

I adored the music, the photography and dance sequences.  This is not a tango film or a film about tango.  It is an interesting film about relationships that was created by a man who loves Argentine Tango and which has performances by people who dance and teach Argentine Tango.

Just goes to show what an interesting and talented lot Tango dancers are.

Ask Arlene…Who Turned Out the Lights?

Dear Arlene,

I have been trying out the London Milongas these last few weeks and have noticed that although the venues are different, they all have one thing in common – they are all so dark, I can barely see across the room.  Granted, some people of a certain age can look better in the dark, but it doesn’t do me any favours when I try and give a lady the old cabeceo. What gives?

In the Dark

Dear In the Dark,

I have noticed this phenomenon myself lately.  It seems that the venues are getting darker and darker.  I should really be offended with part of your comment.  Being a person of a certain age, I will be the first to admit that a bit of dim lighting can soften the edges, but my eyesight is not as good as it used to be and although I prefer to be asked to dance by cabeceo, it is sometimes difficult to tell if I am being asked to dance or if people are just making faces at the antics on the dance floor.

I have brought this issue up with a couple of the organisers, but have had no joy.  It is my understanding that the lights are dimmed to create an ambiance, which to me is more reminiscient of a High School dance – which would be fine if we were still in High School.  I don’t mind dim lighting, but I do object to dancing in the dark.  Maybe they make it so dark so the women can’t see how badly the leaders are doing?

Anybody got any bright ideas?!

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