Ask Arlene…Help for a Charity

I received the following message the other day and if anyone is in a position to help, please contact the lady at the e-mail address listed below:

I hope you can help.
I work for a Latin dance school in Bexleyheath Kent and we are holding a charity party on December 5th.

We are looking to have a performance done in Tango and wondered if you could help?

Obviously because this is a charity party our budget is very small as we would like to raise as much money as possible and many people are giving their time for us on that evening.  We would even be happy to accept a couple of dancers that are maybe looking to break into performance, perhaps amateur or semi-pro that wouldn’t mind giving up a few minutes of their time?  Or the best price you could give.

Do you know if anyone could help?

Many Thanks for your time.


PS:  I have had an e-mail from Kelly and she tells me that they have a Tango singer. They would really like it if someone would be able to do a dance performance for them.
Any generous, experienced dancers out there that can help out? It’s for a charity.

B.A. Tango – Buenos Aires Tango, Edition 200

Please find attached the latest edition of B.A. Tango – Buenos Aires Tango.  Apparently, there was a huge celebration  in Buenos Aires for the publication of the 200th edition.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

BA Tango Digital 200

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