Ask Arlene…Tango in Lille?

Dear Arlene,

I am going to Lille for a few days and was wondering if any of your readers have been there for Tango?  I will be there over a weekend, from Friday to Monday.  Any ideas?

Tango Traveller

I haven’t been to Lille, so if any of you have been, your comments are most welcome!

Tango and Scuba Diving!

Not many people know that I have a life beyond Tango, but I do.  In fact, many of us do.  I like to scuba dive.  No, forget that, I LOVE to scuba dive.  I have been diving more than twice as long as I have been dancing.  I took it up for several reasons: 1) to conquer a fear of being underwater with something attached to my face, 2) because I was single and I needed a holiday I could do that didn’t depend on going with another person, 3) because if you scuba dive you don’t have to be alone and it is easy to make friends or just be around other people (if I didn’t take up scuba, I probably would have gone on trekking holidays), 4) I love warm weather holidays and it would add another dimension to my holiday.

I had a taster dive in a private pool, just to see how I got on, because I had this fear.  Well, the fear was only in my mind and I had no problem in the water with all the dive kit on, so I booked my course and got my PADI certification.  I have been to some beautiful places.  I have met some very interesting and wonderful people.  In fact, I have met my Amor on a scuba diving holiday.

I may have more dancing hours under my belt than scuba hours, but I love them both and for different reasons.  If I could scuba dive in the daytime and dance Tango at night, life would just be utterly perfect.

I was tweeted today by Mikeinvan.  He sent me this link on where I could do just that.  Tango in Sharm! What a perfect combination.  I wish I knew about this sooner!  I don’t know who these people are that are organising this event in November, but knowing that there would be a milonga to go to after a day’s diving sounds pretty good to me!  If I don’t make it this year, I am certainly going to the next one!

Tango in Sharm

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