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B.A. Tango – Buenos Aires Tango – Issue No. 203

Here is the latest issue of B.A. Tango – Buenos Aires Tango.

Happy Reading!

BA Tango – Buenos Aires Tango 203 digital

Dear subscriber:

Please find enclosed the issue Nº 203 of B.A. TANGO – Buenos Aires Tango.

From now on this will be a quarterly magazine. To keep you informed with the latest news

I’ll send you an electronic bulletin, I’ll inform you through my Facebook-Tito Palumbo page, and I’m studying other Internet means.

To reach quickly any particular subject you can activate the word searcher by pressing the keys Ctrl + F.

Another important thing, you are free to resend this magazine to your friends.

If you want to send me a message, please do it to the following address:

With a tanguero embrace, I remain very truly yours