Nice Toy @ The Southbank – Free Event

Nicetoy @ The Foyer – Southbank

Friday 11 June 2010, 1:00pm

Argentine tangos, waltzes and milongas from Canaro, Piazzolla and into ‘nuevo tango’ combine with witty narrative songs and retro pop covers in the set of Nicetoy. Sensual and melodic, with a sharp rhythmic bite, Andy Nice on cello and Katherine Toy on accordion mix a hint of indecorum with a good dancing set.

The London Tango Orchestra

The London Tango Orchestra is the largest tango group in the country, a twelve strong “orquesta tipica” uniting leading UK tango musicians with players from Argentina, Spain, and Belgium. The orchestra was founded in 2009 by Caroline Pearsall and Ivo De Greef and is first of its kind in the UK and features the singer Guillermo Rozenthuler, who many of you may be familiar with.

The orchestra performs music from the rich repertoire of tango, old and new, sharing its love of tango music, and promoting Argentine culture in the UK through concerts, dances (milongas), workshops and cultural exchanges with tango musicians from Europe and Argentina.

Come and dance to the classic tunes including those by Troilo, Pugliese, Di Sarli and D’Arienzo, as well as a host of others. Or maybe you prefer to sit back and relax listening to the melancholia of Piazzolla and Mederos.

We promise an experience filled with passion, high spirits and drama!

The first event in London takes place at The Crypt on the 22nd of May at 9pm and is hosted by El Once that week.  Please check the website below for more information or my Special Events page.

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