B.A. TANGO – Buenos Aires Tango – Issue No 204

Dear subscriber:

Please find enclosed the issue Nº 204 of B.A. TANGO – Buenos Aires Tango.

Shortly I’ll send you News Updates with the most important new features that appear between editions of the magazine.

You can see albums with photographs of different events on Facebook – Tito Palumbo.

From now on this will be a quarterly magazine. To keep you informed with the latest news

To reach quickly any particular subject you can activate the word searcher by pressing the keys Ctrl + F.

Another important thing, you are free to resend this magazine to your friends.

If you want to send me a message, please do it to the following address: abatango@yahoo.com

With a tanguero embrace, I remain very truly yours



BAT 204 digital

Summer Milonga Schedules 2010

It seems that some venues will be closing at some point over the summer.  Please note that all my listings on the calendar are current and correct at the time of posting.

I cannot stress strongly enough that one MUST check the venue website before visiting.  Sometimes changes are made and I am not notified.  I try to keep up to date with everything, but I am only human.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer!

Happy Dancing!


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