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Good Personal Hygiene is not just for the Holidays!

The holiday season is upon us once more and the dance parties will be in full swing.

I just read my post on personal hygiene and feel it is as relevant now as it was two years ago when I first published it.  Apparently it is one of my most popular posts. 🙂

If I have anything to add, it would be this:   Men, if you are the type who will drench a T-shirt after a couple of dances or a tanda, please bring plenty spare.  I recently had the displeasure of dancing with a man who knows he perspires.  I suggested that he brings some spare ones and he replied that they would only get wet too!   Oy vey!  As far as I’m concerened, bring your whole wardrobe, because at least you might be dry for a dance each time you change your shirt!    To be equal to both sexes, I think the women should be just as prepared.

Saying all that, I hope that everyone has a wonderful time wherever they are dancing and whatever style!

Happy Dancing to All!