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Ask Arlene…Where can I dance Nuevo Tango in London?

Hi Arlene,

i visited your website and your calendar and it’s great. You know, where i can find Milongas for “younger” people may be with an alternative style and newer music? I love Milonguero too but i also love dancing Nuevo Tango with “fresh” people. 🙂

Thank you and best regards,


Well Jens, if you have been reading my blog, you will know that I am not really a big fan of this style.  However, I know that people do it at nearly all of the venues that I go to regardless!

Negracha has a room downstairs where people can dance Nuevo and they play alternative music down there, but that doesn’t usually stop them.  Music at The Dome is mainly traditional, but they dance Nuevo there too.  Check out the Venues page for info on these venues.

Since I am a mature person and probably a bit past my sell buy date, I tend not to hang out in venues where there are only youngsters dancing large and listening to tango inspired music.   I will have to put this one out there to my readers.

There are a few new venues that have opened up this last year, but I am not sure what they are like.  How about it people, can anyone help Jens?

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