Ask Arlene…About a Dress for a Showcase

Hi Arlene,,
I am going to have a showcase this coming july and very much thankful i found your website. I will be performing an Argentine tango,, I have an excellent teacher, very patient in teaching the tecnuiqes. I learned some basic tango,, but this time will learn the argentine tango, i hope i do well in this showcase.
I am very very pettite and would like to get some advise on what dress to wear,, should it be one piece or two piece?
thank you.

Dear Evelyn,

Thank you for writing in and visiting my blog.  To be totally honest, I haven’t got a clue as to what would be appropriate.  I would assume that you would want something comfortable, that you would feel great in, nothing too slutty, and something that could be easily washed.  It depends on what you are going to be doing and how tricky your moves are going to be.

Any suggestions from the sidelines?

Good luck,


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