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Ask Arlene…About the Milonga Calendar

Hola, Arlene,

I will be in London (from the US) for couple of days at the very end of July. Is milonga calendar still up-to-date? Which Saturday-Sunday location would be closer and more convenient to get to from Bloomsburry?
Another tip I am hoping to get – I need to hire a car with a driver for Thursday, Aug. 04 from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon; would greatly appreciate any recommendations.
I also would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the web-site! Very nice; lots of information and very tasteful too.

Thank you,

Dear Irena,

Thank you for your nice comments about the blog.

The Milonga Calendar is up to date, unless people are not notifying me of changes.  I always recommend checking out the websites for the venues prior to travelling.

From Bloomsbury, The Crypt is closest on Saturday.  I am not sure about Sunday.  There might be something by Tangology, but you really need to check out the website for them as they keep changing things, especially at the last minute.

For a list of venues, please check out the venue list at the right hand side of these pages.

As for a car with a driver, I have no idea about that.   Any recommendations from the sidelines?

Happy Dancing!