Ask Arlene…About Opening a Tango Hostel in Berlin


I want to ask a question, but can’t seem to figure out how to do that…

So instead I’m leaving a comment in the hope you can help me.

Tango hostel in Berlin?

I’ve been dancing for 6 years and travelled around some. I’m considering moving to Berlin and opening a tango hostel. I wonder if you have any advice for me, concerning what you think people might really benefit from in a tango hostel in Berlin? I’m interested in how important various things might be, apart from affordable, friendly, clean, etc. For instance location re Milongas, introduction to the dance style. I’m not sure I’d agree the dancing in Berlin is primarily nuevo. It seems to me the floors are generally very full and so there is little room for big moves. I suppose people might like to visit both for special events, or just for the regular scene.

Any opinion or thoughts?

Thanks Peter

Dear Peter,

I haven’t had a chance to dance in Berlin yet although I have visited there.  I think for any hostel geared towards Tango dancers it would have to be all the things you mentioned, plus with easy access for transport to the milongas.  I know there is a milonga map for Berlin and that the venues are in various parts of the city.

It sounds like a good idea.  They have them in Buenos Aires, so why not?  As for any other requirements, I wouldn’t know as I never stayed in a Tango hostel before.

Any ideas from the Tango travellers out there?


Ask Arlene…About Moving to London and hitting the Milongas

Dear Arlene,
(and everyone else)

can I ask for advise here? I am moving to London (for at least the coming year) end of september. I have started dancing Tango (in Berlin, Germany, where I am originally from) in 2004, but had a major break when I started to work in Afghanistan in 2008 (not much Tango there!). Going to London is of course a chance to ‘restart’! I am thinking of taking a course again to brush me up, and would like to know which ones can be recommended. Also, is there something like a ‘dancepartner fair’ on the net, or is it okay to show up without a partner? Same question goes for Milongas – in Berlin it’s normally no problem to go alone, but I heard different from other locations. Thanks for everyone abloe to guide me here!!


Dear Kristin,

My opinion is to forget about ‘courses’.  If you want to meet people and refresh your Tango, my advice is to go back to basics and do the beginner’s classes before a milonga.  After all, you are a woman and you don’t need to know fancy moves.  If your leader is sensitive and reasonably skilled, you will be able to follow whatever he leads.

I have heard that the dancing in Berlin is mainly ‘Nuevo’.  I don’t know what your preferences are.  I am a strictly salon dancer these days.  Regardless, getting back to basics is not going to hurt you.

It is ok to show up alone to a class or a milonga.  Many people do, but there is no guarantee of dancing when you first start going out.  If you want to get dances you must be seen regularly at the milongas as people tend to dance with those that they are familiar with.  It is a bit of an effort, but worth it.  I am basing this on my own and other people’s experiences.  Going to a class before a milonga ensures you meet potential partners.  You need to network.  Make friends with other women.  You will need it and will have someone to talk to when not dancing.

I hope this helps.  Good luck with your move to London and Happy Dancing!


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