Milonga Cellule 133A – Brussels – Review

Hola!  Review of – MILONGA organised by CELLULE 133A (Vincent & François) Avenue Ducpétiaux 133A, 1060 Brussels (Saint-Gilles)

Close to the prison and Barrière de Saint Gilles, Bus and Tram stop Albert The milonga is advertised as starting at 9:30. We arrived at 11, passing through a pleasant cobbled mews passageway. The milonga was still fairly quiet. The organisers were not very friendly on the door but we were accompanied by a ‘rival’(?) organiser who is hosting our workshop in Brussels. Entry6,50 € . The space is very nice, old wood floor, atmospheric lighting ( theatre lights, which generated a lot of heat. no air conditioning or fans ).  By 11:30 there was a lively atmosphere but the dancefloor was never overcrowded. The sound system was of excellent quality, really well defined sound, lots of bass!  The DJ was dancer Luis Alberto Rojas, visiting from Buenos Aires, who did a fab job with a variety of eras of music, upbeat cortinas, which he kept running if dancers got into a groove.

For my taste he could have varied the energy levels a bit, there was a milonga tanda just after D’Arienzo, which was a bit much. At one point the sound started cutting out completely but after 10 minutes of tension things continued smoothly.

What most impressed me was the standard of dancing at this milonga, a good 10 couples on the floor at any one time were dancing with sophistication, musicality and chuzpah. Some tango nuevo, mainly salon, a few dancing pure milonguero. There was only one couple who looked like beginners, out of everyone present.  There were quite a number of Argentineans present, which was nice for my husband Carlos and I, as we dont’ speak French.  I was only asked to dance once by someone other than my husband, but people did seem to be mixing with each other, though it appeared to be a crowd who all knew each other.

There is no food whatsoever available at this milonga, which was a big drawback for me as I need to eat every few hours, and if you are someone who needs refueling to keep going to 4 am, you would be wise to bring some snacks!  At 1 am Carlos headed off to our host’s house (luckily nearby) to forage for snacks to bring back, there are also no corner stores or anything nearby.

The milonga has a refreshingly ‘party’ type atmosphere, beer was flowing and people were having fun. By 2 am the crowd had thinned out significantly, only 2 or 3 couples on the floor. We asked some guys at the bar for help with a taxi, they called one for us. It would have been difficult to hail a cab from outside I think. Hope that helps anyone making a trip to Brussels on a Friday.

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Wanted: Reviews for Milongas in Europe and Elsewhere

Hello People!

You may have noticed that I haven’t got much to say about Tango these days.  I think I have pretty much said it all, that and the fact that I haven’t been dancing much.  That is what happens when one moves to a land of no Tango.  My life has taken off on a different turn.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t love Tango or keep up with events in London and abroad.

I am planning on taking a trip to Bruges at the end of May and would like to go to a Milonga there, if there is one.  I need to Google it and find out.  However, there is nothing like having a personal recommendation.  When I went to Seville, I wrote about my experience there.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I had a wonderful time, mainly because I didn’t expect anything and because I met some wonderful people.  Although I never managed a Milonga in Berlin (due to the BA cock-up with luggage at Terminal 5 on the way out!), I had some lovely recommendations from friends who have danced there.

So, I was wondering if anyone was interested in writing a guest post about a Milonga that they went to in Europe or further afield?  Obviously, the positive reviews will be the most encouraging, however anything seemingly negative is not necessarily a bad thing either.  For example:  A friend of mine went to some milongas while on holiday.  They said that there were plenty of Milongas and good floors, but too few numbers.

To me, that is not a bad review.  It is honest and would let people know what to expect.  If you were travelling with your dance partner, then that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  If you were on your own, then it might be more challenging, but who is to really say that you wouldn’t have a good time.

If someone said that the hospitality was lacking and the music was rubbish, well, I think they would need to go into more detail.  If you like traditional salon and everyone is dancing to modern Nuevo, well then you have a problem, but at least people would know what to expect.

So, what do you all think?

Send me a comment on this post if you are interested.  And, if anyone knows anywhere nice to dance in Bruges, please let me know!

Happy Dancing!


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