Answered Prayers, But Not Out of the Woods Yet

Here is an update on Alberto Paz.  Thank you to all those who helped get him home and sent healing thoughts and prayers:

Please Pray for Alberto B. Paz

Some of you may be aware that Alberto B. Paz is the man behind Planet Tango and responsible for translating many tango lyrics from Spanish/Lunfardo into English so that we could better understand the meaning behind Tango.  That is just one of his many contributions to the world of Argentine Tango.  We became friends via internet through the Tango Community.  Its a small world.

Alberto had been quite ill over the summer and through surgery had made a wonderful recovery.  Unfortunately, on his latest venture, he was in critical condition due to cardiac arrest.  Please join me in sending out positive thoughts and prayer to assist in his recovery.  If there is any financial contribution that you can give, the information is given below.  I think one can pay with PayPal.  Please note that Alberto is  currently in Canada where they were due to give workshops, and where his medical expenses will not be fully covered.  Any little help will be greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank Andrew  W. Ryser Szymañski for posting the following message on the yahoo Tango UK group:

This is an update of our friend Alberto Paz from Sandra Miller – November 1st, 2010

We are awed by the international notes, offers of support, prayers for Valorie and Alberto, thank you.  Valorie is overwhelmed by the kind, generous, loving and hospitable Tangeros who are part of Epicurean Tango Society … the outpouring of offers for accommodation to those who want to be here for Alberto and Valorie, transportation, meals, love, prayers and anything else we need, helps ease the shock. We never had any doubt about the extra-ordinary blessings of such fascinating people and special friends.

Thank you to all whom shared your own stories about their dealings with the Foothills Hospital – we return prayers for yourself and loved ones who required Health Care and their continued good health.

We’d also like to send our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the staff on hand at the Customs area on Tuesday October 26, 2010 ~ 9:15 pm – Continental Airlines, and other Airline Staff who performed CPR, Canada Customs Agents, and Calgary Airport Paramedics you saved his life.  Natasha please forward a copy and I’ll write separately. Constable Saade, Badge #4635; EMS Staff to Lougheed Hospital Emergency Staff, Dr Rick Morris, Dr Ping Chen, Ryan RN Emergency – the EMS Staff to Foothills, Maggie – RN Emergency, attending Fellow Dr. Stephanie Au, later on Dr.Champagne, and Dr. Hutchinson . The countless number of staff, at both emergency wards that seemingly were waiting for him. Thank you.

We are in a fluid state of instability … we cry, we laugh and we are an emotional wreck as we await news; one moment it is uplifting and very positive, the next is critical with grave concerns about life; seemingly stable then onto precarious.

There is no doubt, Alberto is in severe health condition and we continue to ask for your prayers, support and appreciate your forwarding this message to everyone in the Tango community.

Saturday afternoon, evening, Alberto moved into critical mode. He regained consciousness, and very positively responded to the family, directions and questions but had short term memory losses, such as not knowing where he was, or why he was here. The doctors say this is usual and would be eased with therapy. He was comforted by Valorie, Gina and Alberto Jr’s constant presence and talking with him, helped restore some missing pieces; it seemed all was progressing in the right direction. However, the short term memory loss caused critical time delays that he could not afford – over 6 hours to persuade him to comply with the angiogram, for which he must be fully awake. This played havoc with the time sensitive, necessary tests, as he would comply, then forget and rescind his approval to proceed … add in other emergency cases and it was a massive high pressure situation … which resulted in heart failure and further resuscitation services, compounding the severe distress as to the status of his life. Finally between his Doctor in NOLA and Valorie’s presence they were able to convince him to do the angiogram. By God’s grace, Alberto could see Valorie in the control room, where she could talk to him and they blew kisses to one another … this love story and tango is long for this world … Alberto is one stubborn Argentine and not giving up!

The ultrasound revealed he had fractured ribs from the CPR and multiple defibrillation at the Airport – which saved his life; a 100% blockage in one of his arteries, located very close to a valve, which is tricky and life threatening surgery; the other option was open heart surgery; either option is critical, major surgery with massive repercussions, with time is of the essence. A stent is insufficient to the magnitude of the situation. The Foothills cardiologists were going to confer with his NOLA cardiologist today to evaluate the various options and determine the best route: proceed with life saving surgery here or try to elevate his mental and physical health to Medivac him to a USA Hospital.

These difficult, challenging and worrisome conditions are exacerbated by the fact that Alberto’s health care coverage is insufficient for Hospital Care in Canada. If you would like to help Alberto and Valorie cover the life saving, critical care he is receiving at the Foothills as well as, getting them home, you may contribute to their Paypal account: boutique@planet-

Thank you for your prayers, wishes, notes, calls, texts from around the world for Valorie & Alberto! I will keep you posted and trust we will have good news soon.

We treasure Alberto and Valorie’s presence and know we will forever be connected in life and our Tango journey from this time forward, which was felt from the first hello.  I know this feisty Argentine is a fighter and Alberto’s unique way of uniting the Tango community, as he envisioned with http://www.Planet-Tango. com Links.  If your Tango Club has a Links Listing on Planet Tango, please  forward these updates to your community for greatest “Tanguero and Friends” reach, during this critical life juncture.

Sandra Miller