I’m Having a Vacation

I am going to have a well deserved holiday.

I am taking the MP3 Player (for my Tango Music), my mobile phone (for emergencies only) and leaving my laptop at home.  So there will be no posts from me until my return.

There will be no Tango dancing where I am going, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a few dances on my behalf as there is plenty going on over the next couple of weeks.

I look forward to some more Ask Arlene on my return. ūüôā

June 2009

5th June, FridaySexteto Milonguero @ Negracha

19.30 – 21.00




Mariel ROBLES & Gonzalo ALONSO


ADMISSION Р£ 25 per seat  Рlimited seats available
(includes admission to NEGRACHA TANGO CLUB РMilonga Ecléctica )



21.30 – 05.00


Milonga Ecléctica


Dance demo by Mariel ROBLES & Gonzalo ALONSO
+ Guest DJ’s

11th – 14th JuneTango Extravaganza 2009, III International London Tango Festival

Tango Extravaganza will be taking place again this year.¬† Please find below a sample of the Artists and Musicians that will be taking part in this year’s event.¬† I will be updating you regularly as and when I have more information.¬† In the meantime, please put the 11th – 14th of June 2009 in your diary and don’t leave town!

Confirmed Guest Artists:

Great Argentinean Master and Choreographer of Forever Tango (Broadway) Roberto Reis & Natalia Lavandeira

Tango Champions of Mundial de Tango 2006, Buenos Aires: Carlos Paredes & Diana Giraldo

Great NeoTango Dacers and Masters: Pablo Linares & Patricia Carrazco

Also well known artists: Pablo Nievas & Valeria Zunino  and Cesar Velasquez & Carolina Gonzalez.


From Argentina:  Duo Napoli Casares, Trio Lotox and Singer, Floro Aramburu.
We will also have, for the very first time, a Tango Photo Competition and the Red Carpet Milonga Night + more surprises.


Corrientes and 4 Wild Court.
More Artists and Venues to be confirmed.

****First Tango Photo Competition Call****
Calling all professional and amateur photographers!!!

Please join the First International Tango Photo Competition at Tango Extravaganza 2009, London.
Take the chance of having your work published on our internet site.
Photos by the finalists will be displayed at the Tango Extravaganza venues.
Fantastic prizes will be announced soon.
Conditions will be forwarded to participants who are interested.

Please write to: calidanza@hotmail.com

13th June, Saturday – Freedom Tango Summer Ball – 7:30 – 11pm

Tango on a Summer Evening ‚Äď a summer ball with supper, tango demonstration and much more.

Senior Common Room, St Mary’s College, Waldegrave Road, Teddington TW1 4SX


14th June, Sunday – Tango Boot Camp Improvers with Stefano & Alexandra – Brighton

Tango Boot Camp

Regular freestyle dancing at milongas is one of the surest ways to improve your tango dancing. We run a number of very friendly, non-intimidating milongas for you to enjoy. These are either as part of our decaDance monthly events or as part of our TangoBootCamp weekends. Tea dances include a fantastic full fat cream tea with sandwiches, scones, and cakes. You do NOT need to have attended the TangoBootCamp coursees to attend any of the milongas.

Visit website for more information: http://www.decadancenights.co.uk/

19th June, Friday –¬† Mid-summer Party @ The Tango Club – 21:00 – 02:00

Come and celebrate the sights and scents of summer in Covent Garden. Slip into your coolest clothes and dance the night away in this lead up to the solstice and mid-summer’s night.

Theme: A Summer Garden

DJing by the Invisibles

VJing by AgentSimon

Food by The Kitchen Bandits

Dancing by You

There is no class on this evening

Tango y Salsa

With all the hoo-ha about ‘forced crosses’ recently, I decided to find out all about it.¬† So I took myself off to Cesar and Carolina’s classes on Saturday at Wild Court.¬† Now I know what a forced cross is.¬† It was a little strange at first, but nothing sinister.¬† I enjoyed the class and learned something new.¬† If anyone else wants to know what a forced cross is, I suggest that you do the next course on offer as I don’t really feel qualified to explain it.¬† Whether anyone will remember to ever use it will be another story altogether.

While the Tango lessons were taking place downstairs, some young people were practicing some moves with a dance group upstairs.  After the Tango lesson, I was able to watch them in action for a few minutes and was very impressed by how the young men picked up the girls and flipped them around like baton twirlers.  I am constantly amazed by the fearlessness of young people.

It had been awhile since I had taken some classes and found that I was on a roll, so I decided to stick around and try the Salsa classes too.¬† Cesar and Carolina were teaching Salsa – Cali Style.¬† I had never done this before and was really looking forward to learning something different.¬† I was lucky enough to partner with one of the young men I had seen dancing earlier and knew I was in good hands.¬† It took me a little while to get the hang of it as the footwork is pretty fancy and it can get quite fast, but I really enjoyed it.¬† Compared with the Tango classes taken earlier, my body was getting a real workout, and this was only the beginner’s class!¬† I really loved this style of Salsa and made a mental note to come back and try it again, and to bring my dance trainers with me.

The next class on offer was L.A. Style or cross body Salsa and was being taught by Larisa Balogh.  Even though I had tried a couple of Salsa classes many years ago, Larisa really was my very first Salsa teacher.  I was pleased to note that her teaching style was still friendly, professional and consistent after all these years and I was happy to see her again.

While the Salsa classes were taking place upstairs, there was also a Lambada class being taught downstairs.¬† Imagine that!¬† From 6 – 10pm there is a profusion of Latin dance experiences to choose from.¬† It sort of reminded me of The Loughborough Hotel all those many years ago where I first discovered Tango.¬† It got me reminiscing and feeling nostalgic.¬† We need another venue like that in London, a place where one can dance to any style of Latin music as the mood takes you.¬† When Corrientes had their Christmas party, there was a double booking for Salsa on the same night.¬† I almost couldn’t decide where I wanted to go.¬† I decided on Tango, of course, but I did pop into the Salsa room a few times for a Salsa fix.¬† The people looked so happy there.¬† Did I say that?!!

I met some really nice people and stayed for a few more dances before heading off to The Crypt for the last hour and a half.¬† I hadn’t been dancing all week and I really needed a Tango fix.¬† I had always wanted to try Cesar and Carolina’s Salsa club La Rumba, but Tango was always holding me back – until last Saturday when I took the plunge.¬† I’m glad I did.

Now, what am I going to do next Saturday?

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