Dreaming Big and Packing Lite: I am going to Argentina!

I have always wanted to go to Argentina to dance the REAL Tango in Buenos Aires.  After I put my dancing on hold (see this post) , my dream didn’t fade, it only got bigger.  Instead of wanting to go to BsAs for Tango, I wanted to travel around the country.  I nearly went, but I changed my mind because I didn’t want to travel around Argentina for a month on my own.  Not that I have a problem meeting people to do things with, but I felt that the experience would be better with a friend.  Then I bought a house.

I have been very busy with things other than Tango, such as the house, etc.  However, I now have someone that I am going to Argentina with.  As well as Argentina, I plan on exploring as much of Latin America as I can.  Notice how the dream has gotten even bigger!  Not only will I be dancing the REAL Tango in BsAs, I will get a chance to dance in other places in the country and on the continent!

I will be traveling with my partner for 3-6 months with only a 10 kilo backpack each.  There won’t be much room for fancy clothes, but I aim to take along a pair of dancing shoes!

If anyone has any tips about where to go, or has  friends I might be able to contact while visiting, I will be grateful for any help.  If you want to know what I am up to and what we are doing when we get there, please visit my new blog, http://dreambigpacklite.wordpress.com

In the meantime, Happy Dancing!

B.A. Tango No 212 – Free Download

aB.A.TANGO 212 parte 1

aB.A.TANGO 212 parte 2

aB.A.TANGO 212 parte 3


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