Ask Arlene…About Tango Shoes For Men

From El Chupacabra

Where can one obtain good tango shoes for men?

Tango shoes such as the ones you see some visitors or teachers wearing, as opposed to the ballroom shoes available in the UK?

Dear Chupacabra,

I know the people who sell Comme il Faut in the UK also sell men’s shoes.  I believe they are updating their website for the men’s shoes section, but you can contact them at  There is a link on the sidebar of my blog for shoes.  Maybe  Paul, Krissy or Angie can come back to you here and provide more information on the shoes?

Bianca at Rojo y Negro sells Darcos shoes and they also do a men’s range.  You can contact her at

And my lovely French friend Jocelyne down Bristol way sells men’s shoes at

If anyone else has information on where to buy men’s Tango shoes in the UK, please let us know and I’ll list you on my blog.