Happy Christmas and New Year Tango

You might think that the parties are over, but not quite! It might be limited, but there are still a few places open over the holidays.

If you check out the Calendar, you will see that there is one more Milonga at Negracha on the 23rd December.

Nikki has organised a Milonga on Boxing Day (26th December) at Pavadita.

There is a Milonga in London at El Portenito@ The Bedford, in Balham on the 29th December.

For those of you who want to venture further afield, Charles has organised 3 milongas in Eton.  One is on Christmas Eve!  The other two are on the 27th and 28th December.

There are two New Year’s Eve Parties in London.  One at Negracha and one at Pavadita.  Please check out the schedules for public transport.  And please double-check the websites on the calendar for more information before you go out.  And if I missed anything, please let me know.

It looks like everything will be back to the normal schedule from Wednesday, the 4th of January.

I hope everyone had a wonderful year of dancing and will continue dancing into 2012!

Happy Dancing Everyone!

London Venues

I have listed all of the Milongas that I know of in London with links to the websites.  I trust that most people will get the information that they need from that.  I have been to nearly every one of these Milongas and have my own opinions of them based on my experiences and you will find them below, but there are also new one’s opening that I won’t be able to visit.   I attempt to publish accurate information that is available to me along with my own personal observations.  Please check the website of the venue before visiting as things can change at the last minute.  Ms. Hedgehog has already posted detailed reviews of most of the Milongas and I have linked them on this page if you want more information and a different opinion.  Ms. Hedgehog is especially good on the public transportation front as I tend to drive everywhere.

There is a Milonga nearly every night of the week with a class or two before the start of the Milonga.  Sometimes there are guest teachers or DJs, so please check the websites beforehand as the Calendar doesn’t always specify this information.

There is also a practica or a class to be had nearly every night of the week.  Please check the websites.


Happy Dancing!


The Tango Club@London Bridge – New Venue

There is a Tango Tea on the first Sunday of every month 15:00 – 19:00

An afternoon escape from the madness.
Tango, Tea & Cakes. Bring your shoes and a sense of fun.

Members £12 | Non-Members £15 | £2 less if you bring cake!
This event is included as part of two star membership.

El Porteñito @ The Bedford Pub

Balham – Leo and Bridget create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this lovely venue.  Wood panelled walls and red velvet curtains help create an old time charm.  There is a bar downstairs which serves good food and they will give you tap water for free. This is my favourite Sunday Milonga and one not too far from where I used to live. Parking not a problem as there is a large Sainsbury’s car park across the street. (Review)


Dancetango has a Sunday Milonga in Hammersmith!  This stunning Venue has recently been refurbished and was, for a long while, the home of La Mariposa where they held their very successful tea dances before re-locating to Clapham Junction some three years ago.

Beginners Class at 6pm, Intermediate at 7pm and the Milonga from 8pm – 11.30

For full details, map and transport info. see website
http://www.dancetango. co.uk <http://www.dancetango.co.uk/>


Tangology has a regular Sunday event, but it has changed venues so often that I think it would be better to check out the website before relying on the information that I have on the Milonga Calendar.  I don’t always get information on changes in a timely manner.  However, all listings are correct at time of posting.

See website for further details, and the Milonga and Practica calendar.

La Mariposa

I haven’t been to this Milonga.  One could easily come here and then go off to Balham afterwards or pop into Central London as it takes place in the afternoon  from 4-6pm.   Apparently they offer free tea, coffee, juices and bisquits too!

 Venue –Wessex House, 1a St John’s Hill (opposite the main exit of Clapham Junction Station), Battersea SW11 1TN

 Buses 35, 37, 39, 49, 156, 170, 219, 239, 295, 319, 337, 344, 670, 77A and C3.

Trains from Waterloo , Victoria , Watford Junction and many other locations.




CLASSES with Laura de Altube 7-8 and 8-9pm MILONGA from 9 – 11.15 .  See Calendar for more information.

Tango Instinct@The Cocoa Club

The Cocoa Club
Grace Bar
(downstairs), 42 Great Windmill St, W1D 7NB
2 mins from Piccadilly Circus

Dance Matrix @ Enfield

St. Paul’s Centre
102a Church Street (corner of Old Park Avenue)
Enfield EN2 6AR
Very close to Enfield Chase Station. Off-road parking.

8.00pm: Intermediate Session
8.45pm: Tango Basics Session
9.30 – 11pm: Candlelit Milonga

They used to be in Southgate on Wednesday and have moved to a larger venue.  

Details will be at  www.dancematrix.com/tango and is on the Google Milonga and Practica Calendar.

Tango@The Light

‘The Light’
233 Shoreditch High Street, London  E1 6PJ
Buses: 8, 26, 35, 47, 48, 78,135,149, 242, 388, N8, N26, N35.
Tube: Liverpool street station.
(From Liverpool Street Station, use the Bishopsgate exit, turn left, 5 mins walk, on the left side).

The former power station will once again be transformed into the ideal setting for an evening of dancing and socialising, with unique views over the City of London, an impressive dance floor, and a great selection of tango music.
Beginners class 7-8pm
Improvers class: 8-9pm
Milonga: 9 – midnight

I haven’t been here, but Ms. Hedgehog has a review here.


Zero Hour@The Dome

Tufnell Park – Large dance floor, bar, free tap water, good DJ’s and friendly welcome.  They also sell ladies shoes, mainly Neo Tango.  The venue has been recently updated and now has a larger, more airy feel to it since they knocked down that wall opposite the bar and gave it a paint job.  The floorcraft can get tricky (not as bad as Negracha), but generally most people try to behave and move in the line of dance.  The DJ’s vary from week to week which can have an impact on how big the crowd gets, as there are a few firm favorites, and the parties are generally well attended and fun.    It has a charm and is quite popular.  Open until 12pm, later on party nights.  Parking not really a problem and it is opposite Tufnell Park Underground Station.   Recommended. (Review)


El Porteñito@ The Bedford Pub

Starting on the 4th of March 2010, we are very pleased to announce that, in addition to our usual fortnightly milonga on Sundays, “El Portenito” will open its doors on a weekly basis on Thursdays at The Bedford Pub in Balham.

Classes are from 7:45-8:45 and will be £7
Venue: The Bedford Pub, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham SW12 9HD (Tube/BR: Balham)

We love to see people dressed elegantly at our Sunday milonga and very much appreciate the effort you all go to. We like to dress up too, and want to keep Sundays special. However, on Thursdays we would like to create a different atmosphere so you are welcome to wear relaxed and casual clothes.

We focus on teaching Argentine Tango in its authentic form, without altering its essence. We believe it is important to stay true to this authentic form when teaching students at all levels, from beginners to advanced. To ensure consistency of approach, all those who help us teaching at our venues have a thorough understanding of our teaching method. Our guest teachers are invited because we believe that they can demonstrate the authentic and true essence of Argentine Tango.

As our Thursday classes develop we will teach different levels according to students needs!

Leonardo & Bridget

Poema@Latvian House

I haven’t been to this Milonga.  Please see website for more information.



Carablanca Tango Club@Conway Hall

(Formerly Tango the Argentino Way) – They used to be at The Welsh Centre and are London’s longest running Milonga.  They have moved to a new venue – Conway Hall has a lovely floor, with lots of room and a friendly atmosphere.  Each time I have been there I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  It finishes at 12pm or sometimes later.  They regularly host guest teachers, so it it worth checking out the website.  It will be open every Friday, but  please check the website to be sure as there are occasional closures in support of other events.  Parking not a problem.   Recommended. (Review)

Negracha@Wild Court

With two rooms to dance in, one for Tango Salon and the other for more modern styles and Latin beats, there is something for everyone here.  Bar, open late.  The floorcraft can sometimes be a bit tricky with some people dancing large.  This is a big issue with this venue as there are people that like to dance in a more modern way to traditional music and it has been known to cause problems.

I like how they changed the layout of the place.  Ms. Hedgehog’s review is pretty accurate.   This is definitely the place to see and be seen, as it is very popular with most of the teachers here in London.  It is certainly entertaining watching the dance floor for a variety of reasons.

Parking not a problem.  (Review)  It is near to Holborn Underground Station.

Milonga 8@The Tango Club – New Venue

Fridays 21:00 – 02:00; Class from 20:00

Guest DJ, great atmosphere, fantastic venue. Great tango music from a selection of the best traditional DJs in London, a relaxed atmosphere, a lovely spacious floor and free beverages. No need to register, just come along.

Come at 20:00 for a class with a variety of London’s favourite teachers.

In our London Bridge venue: 8 The Leather Market, SE1 3ER

Class and Milonga:
Members £10 | Non-Members £12

Milonga Only:
Members £8 | Non-Members £10


The Crypt – Farringdon

Hosted alternate weeks by El Once Club and Dancetango. The venue is underneath a church.  Lovely dance floor with brick vaulted ceilings.  An unusual, but great place to dance.  Free glass of wine with entry.  Plenty of free water.  Teas, coffee and cakes also available.  Paul’s cakes (El Once) are particularly yummy – he bakes them himself!

I always try to get out to The Crypt.  The dancefloor is lovely, though can sometimes be a  little bit slippery in certain places,  and the people are very friendly.  On occasion, it can get very busy, especially as it may be the only venue open on Saturday evening or if there is a special event or guest teacher.  They usually have a little break of Salsa or Jive in the middle of the evening for a change of pace, but generally the music is traditional Tango music.

Sometimes there are guest teachers, guest DJs or live music, which can bring the price up from £9 for a normal evening, so check the websites to see what is going on and who is hosting that week.  Open until 12:30am.  Parking not usually a problem.  Highly recommended.  (Review – El Once ) (Review – DanceTango)

Corrientes Tango Club

Chalk Farm – The room is very big so there is plenty of room to dance in and the floor is quite good.  Mina and Giraldo have made a huge effort with the space considering it is in a school.    I usually have a good time here.

The music is generally quite good, mainly traditional, and there might be a Salsa break later in the evening, so no complaints on that front ( I like Salsa).

The price is usually around £9, or more if something special is going on, which is pretty standard for most of the venues.  Generally, the quality of the dancing is very good – though it can get hectic during special events when there are a lot of visitors who don’t usually go to Corrientes, otherwise there usually isn’t an issue with floorcraft here, which makes a pleasant change.  Open late, 1:45am. Parking not a problem.   Just a few yards from Chalk Farm Underground Station.  Recommended. They are not open every weekend, so you need to check the website for events. (Review)

Tango@The Light

We are very happy to present tonight a new milonga in the heart of Shoredich – just 5 minutes walk north from our established Tuesday night milonga at The Light Bar.

The venue is a historic hall which has been transformed into a ‘Light Temple’, an ideal setting for more tango. The venue has a main hall with a balcony gallery accessible to dancers overlooking the hall, a second smaller hall and a garden.

Beginners and improvers /intermediate classes from 8 to 9:30pm in the two halls, followed by dancing until 2am in the atmospheric ‘Light Temple’.

Beginners class incl. milonga £10.
Improvers/Intermedi ate class incl. milonga £12
Milonga £10
Non dancers £ free
How to get there:
Address: On the corner of Austin Street and Godfreys Place (private street)
Austin Street is off Hackney Rd, at the back of Shoreditch church (St Leonard),
E27NT – Shoreditch London

From Old Street Station (Exit 2), 8 minutes walking
From Liverpool Street Station, (Bishopsgate Exit), 12 minutes walking.
From Shoreditch Street Station, 4 minutes walking.
By car, our free parking is just off Hackney Rd on a small private street between Austin Street and Colombia Road.

Busses: 8, 26, 35, 47, 48, 55, 67, 78, 135, 149, 242, 243, 388, 344, N8, N26, N35

http://tangotheligh t.blogspot. com/
tangothelight@ googlemail. com
Facebook: Tango Light
Nos vemos @ The Light


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