Direct Comment or Overheard at a Milonga: No. 1

Negracha a couple of weeks ago:  I was chatting with a friend I hadn’t seen for awhile when the gentleman (loose term) sitting next to my friend interrupted our conversation, without saying ‘excuse me’, to ask my friend to dance.  Surprised at this rudeness, we both turned our heads to look at him, saying nothing.  He asked again.  She told him we were having a converstion.  He looked at us and said, ‘This is a Milonga.  What are you doing? Dancing or talking?’

We ignored him.

Later: I was chatting with a lovely Norwegian lady, a visitor, when a friend of mine sat next to me.  I knew he wanted to dance, but I was in the middle of a conversation.  I put my hand out to him to let him know I knew he was there, then in a pause he asked me if I was chatting.  I said ‘yes’ and that I would be with him when I finished.  He waited for me.

We danced.