Who is this blog for?

I created this blog primarily for the Dancer.  As it states in my header, this is Arlene’s London Tango.  The London Tango that I knew and loved when I first started dancing has changed dramatically.  With the influx of Tango Shows and the advent of Argentine Tango being featured on Strictly Come Dancing, London has become inundated with Milongas and teachers.  Everyone wants to dance Argentine Tango and many people think they can teach.

I try to keep an open mind, but Argentine Tango evokes many emotions, it can be difficult.  I was lucky to learn in a time when the milongas were limited and we all knew who the teachers were.  We also knew who everyone else was, whether we talked or danced with that person or not.  It seems that almost overnight we have acquired venues to go to every night of the week.  Sometimes there is more than one choice.  There are teachers who I have never even heard of or who have started teaching so soon after learning how to dance.  It can be difficult to keep up with it all.

When I set up the Milonga Calendar, I used to include practicas and special workshops.  Because of the influx of teachers and classes and new Milongas, I have decided to keep things simple and just focus on the regular weekly Milongas.  If you want a class, there is usually one before the Milonga.  I also list special events such as shows, concerts, festivals and special one-off milongas.  They are all on the calendar.  If it is Tango related, and it is happening in London and I know about it, it will be listed on the calendar.

If you teach a class, you can have your name listed on the sidebar or you can advertise on two Facebook groups:  1) Argentine Tango in London and 2) London Tango (I am not affiliated with this group except as a member).  You can also join the Yahoo Tango-UK group.  Interestingly enough, I get a lot of my information about closures or special events from these three sources.  I do not endorse teachers.  I no longer know who many of them are, and if I do know them I would not know how to recommend them if I haven’t had a class with them.  I have danced with many who have become teachers.  I don’t even want to go down that road.  The less said the better.  Teachers, can’t live with ’em but can probably live without a lot of them.  The choice is yours dear Dancer.

If I am not listing a milonga it is probably because I don’t know about it or I know about it and it isn’t a regular one.  There are some people who start milongas and the venues keep changing or events get cancelled regularly.  To me, these are not reliable milongas, so I don’t list them.

I have my favourite milongas.  They have stood the test of time and are still going strong.  They must be doing something right.  I haven’t been to every milonga.  I can’t do everything.  However, I have listed them for you, with links to the websites.  As a dancer, it is up to you to take some responsibility before you go out.  I might have missed something.

I also have links and posts that go further afield, like Buenos Aires, the Mecca of Argentine Tango.  There are links to Tango in Europe.  If anyone has a good tango link to a place they like to dance in Europe, and I don’t have it, please let me know.

If there is something you would like to know about or see regularly on this blog, please let me know via a comment.

In the meantime, Happy Dancing!

The Mayor’s Thames Festival – September 10 & 11

Alfresco Ballroom Tango


Star performances, cutting-edge workshops, live music and, of course, dancing into the night on London’s vibrant riverside to a mix of classic and electro tango led by Sean A.McGee and El Farabute.

12noon Free Tango Workshop for beginners.

1pm Milonga – Social Dancing – DJ Diego Doigneau
Resident DJ at Negracha Tango Club as well as regular appearances at Carablanca, El Porteñito, Tango at Spitafields, Stardust Milonga, Milonga Bohemiene and Buenos Aires Practica x.

3.30pm Tango Performance – David Benitez & Kim Schwartz
David & Kim have recently choreographed a ballet/tango fusion piece “Tangos En Movimiento” for principal dancers of the Colon Theatre, Buenos Aires, and have danced live on ITV1 with Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean.

3.45pm Milonga – Social Dancing – DJ Diego Doigneau
See 1pm listing for details.

4.30pm El Farabute
El Farabute was founded in London’s milongas in 2009. The duo has since performed in the UK, Germany and Argentina, including collaborations with top tango singers Noelia Moncada and Gabriel Mores.

5.30pm Tango Performance  – Leandro Palau & Romina Godoy
Leandro & Romina have recently produced and choreographed their new show ‘Emociones del Alma’, a world class stage performance with 12 dancers, 6 musicians and 2 singers, set to start touring in Europe in 2012, promising to be a great success within the tango audience and beyond.

5.45pm Milonga – Social Dancing – DJ Diego Doigneau
See 1pm listing for details.

6.30pm Milonga – Social Dancing – DJ Sergius
Sergio is a reputed DJ specialising in lounge music including Electrotango, Tango Nuevo, deep house, latin house  and miscellaneous beats that can be dance to tango rhythms.

7pm Live Music: Sean A.McGee – Nebulosa
Sean A.McGee is currently the UK’s only active Electrotango composer/artiste, his album. Nebulosa has become a hit across the international Tango world and has received rave reviews from many countries including the USA, Australia, Germany and of course, the UK.

8pm Argentine and Latin American beats – DJ Sergius
See 6.30pm listing for details.

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