Ask Arlene…Lectures on the Dancefloor Part 2

My compatriot in Buenos Aires, Deby Novitz, has provided a piece as ‘Tia Deby’ for Jenney Surelia’s blog, Tango Thoughts.  ‘Tia Deby’ has provided her take on the lecturing on the dance floor theme.

What I love about Deby, apart from her wicked sense of humour, is that she has considerable experience of dancing at the Milongas in Buenos Aires, and she has been living there for over four years.  Therefore, I am inclined to listen seriously to what she has to say as she has pretty much ‘been there and done that’.

So, when Jenney posted the link to the recent advice from ‘Tia Deby’, I read it with interest and I feel that what she had to say was quite pertinent on this topic.  I have had a similar incident about someone holding my arm in a certain way that was uncomfortable to me and when I made a suggestion (very nicely) to not give me the death grip, the guy argued with me.  I say no more.

If you haven’t read it already you can find the link below.  If you want to know more about Deby Novitz and her life in Buenos Aires, I have a link for her on my sidebar.

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