The Mayor’s Thames Festival – September 10 & 11

Alfresco Ballroom Tango

Star performances, cutting-edge workshops, live music and, of course, dancing into the night on London’s vibrant riverside to a mix of classic and electro tango led by Sean A.McGee and El Farabute.

12noon Free Tango Workshop for beginners.

1pm Milonga – Social Dancing – DJ Diego Doigneau
Resident DJ at Negracha Tango Club as well as regular appearances at Carablanca, El Porteñito, Tango at Spitafields, Stardust Milonga, Milonga Bohemiene and Buenos Aires Practica x.

3.30pm Tango Performance – David Benitez & Kim Schwartz
David & Kim have recently choreographed a ballet/tango fusion piece “Tangos En Movimiento” for principal dancers of the Colon Theatre, Buenos Aires, and have danced live on ITV1 with Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean.

3.45pm Milonga – Social Dancing – DJ Diego Doigneau
See 1pm listing for details.

4.30pm El Farabute
El Farabute was founded in London’s milongas in 2009. The duo has since performed in the UK, Germany and Argentina, including collaborations with top tango singers Noelia Moncada and Gabriel Mores.

5.30pm Tango Performance  – Leandro Palau & Romina Godoy
Leandro & Romina have recently produced and choreographed their new show ‘Emociones del Alma’, a world class stage performance with 12 dancers, 6 musicians and 2 singers, set to start touring in Europe in 2012, promising to be a great success within the tango audience and beyond.

5.45pm Milonga – Social Dancing – DJ Diego Doigneau
See 1pm listing for details.

6.30pm Milonga – Social Dancing – DJ Sergius
Sergio is a reputed DJ specialising in lounge music including Electrotango, Tango Nuevo, deep house, latin house  and miscellaneous beats that can be dance to tango rhythms.

7pm Live Music: Sean A.McGee – Nebulosa
Sean A.McGee is currently the UK’s only active Electrotango composer/artiste, his album. Nebulosa has become a hit across the international Tango world and has received rave reviews from many countries including the USA, Australia, Germany and of course, the UK.

8pm Argentine and Latin American beats – DJ Sergius
See 6.30pm listing for details.

Ask Arlene…About the Milonga Calendar

Hola, Arlene,

I will be in London (from the US) for couple of days at the very end of July. Is milonga calendar still up-to-date? Which Saturday-Sunday location would be closer and more convenient to get to from Bloomsburry?
Another tip I am hoping to get – I need to hire a car with a driver for Thursday, Aug. 04 from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon; would greatly appreciate any recommendations.
I also would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the web-site! Very nice; lots of information and very tasteful too.

Thank you,

Dear Irena,

Thank you for your nice comments about the blog.

The Milonga Calendar is up to date, unless people are not notifying me of changes.  I always recommend checking out the websites for the venues prior to travelling.

From Bloomsbury, The Crypt is closest on Saturday.  I am not sure about Sunday.  There might be something by Tangology, but you really need to check out the website for them as they keep changing things, especially at the last minute.

For a list of venues, please check out the venue list at the right hand side of these pages.

As for a car with a driver, I have no idea about that.   Any recommendations from the sidelines?

Happy Dancing!


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