Sexteto Milonguero@Negracha – 20th May 2011

Dear All,

NEGRACHA Tango Club is proud to present SEXTETO MILONGUERO’s only live concert in the UNITED KINGDOM in 2011. The sextet will play 2 sets during NEGRACHA Tango Club’s Milonga on Friday 20 May 2011. 

Apparently, there is no need to pre-book this event, just show up on the night.

Lead by singer and showman Javier DI CIRIACO, SEXTETO MILONGUERO rapidly established itself as the top new tango live band in the world. With a style heavily influenced by the Golden Age of tango orchestras (the 40s) and a repertoire mainly composed of tango dance halls’ old times favourites, the SEXTETO MILONGUERO brings into the 21 Century the sound and spirit of the authentic tango orchestras. 

SEXTETO MILONGUERO has toured the world and played in the most prestigious tango clubs and festivals in Argentina, Europe and the rest of the world. They are currently touring Europe and London is lucky to have been included in their latest tour. The sextet’s sound is hugely popular among milongueros all over the world and the faithful interpretation of classics together with their technical excellence and youthful vitality make their shows riveting and unforgettable. A MUST SEE SHOW.

Guest DJ Fer FILIPPELLI will join our residents DJ Ivan ARANDIA and DJ Diego 

DOIGNEAU to play the best tango tunes available throughout the night. 

Hot drinks and cakes served during the night. Doors close 5am

For Table Reservations call us on 020 8949 7988.

I highly recommend seeing Sexteto Milonguero if you can. The dulcet tones of Javier DI CIRIACO are not to be missed. 🙂




20.30-21.30 TANGO IMPROVERS CLASS Teachers TBC

FEES£10 Class only

£25 including admission to club and concert**********

21.00 – 05.00 Milonga Ecléctica

MAIN HALL PURE TANGO DANCE HALL – Negracha’s usual mix of mainly Tango Traditionalwith touches of Salsa and/or Chacarera

21.00 – 01.00 DJ Fer FILIPPELLI

01.00 – 05.00 DJ Ivan ARANDIA



SEXTETO MILONGUERO are:Violins; Marisol CANESSA, Mariano LAPLUME, Bandoneons; Diego BRACONI, Mauricio JOST, Piano; Gervasio LEDESMA, Double Bass; Cristian SEPULVEDA, Voice; Javier DI CIRIACO, Sound and lighting; IGUANA STUDIOS


21.30 – 03.00 DJ Diego DOIGNEAU

CLUB ADMISSION £25 Table Resevations 020 8949 7988 (please note there is a £3pp extra charge for sits at a table)

NEGRACHA Tango Club, 4 Wild Court Holborn, LONDON WC2B 4AU

Tel: 02089497988 or 07961047415

Ask Arlene…There’s a hack teaching in my town!!

Dear Arlene,

I have to travel a long distance to dance Argentine Tango.  Although it is inconvenient, the travelling was worth it as I had made some nice friends and I got some lovely dances over the years.

So when I heard that there was someone teaching and setting up a Milonga in my area, I was very excited and couldn’t wait to go and try it out.  I arrived at the back end of the Beginner’s class, quietly put on my shoes and observed.

Arlene!!! You wouldn’t believe what this guy was doing!  At first I didn’t understand what the exercise was as most people looked confused.  I worked out that they were trying to do some version of the basic 8 that gets taught!  My God!  These people weren’t even being taught how to do a basic walking step!  The leaders were taking backwards steps and doing some sort of rocking motion!  When the teacher was demonstrating what he wanted them to do, he had more bounce in his step than Tigger!  Then, this is the worst bit; he touched a couple of women on their coccyx (tailbone) to demonstrate how the woman should move into him (his pelvis) while he was leaning backwards!  What????!!!!!  Ew!!!!!  That creeped me out so badly and made me feel sick.

I recognised a couple of people from Modern Jive and they were all looking really hopeful and enthusiastic.  They haven’t got a clue!  I felt so bad that I had to leave.  Sticking around for the Intermediate or Advanced class would have been a complete waste of time as there isn’t any Tango where I live.  If this is what was being taught in the Beginner’s class, I shudder to think what he would be teaching in the other classes!

So, what do I do now?


Disappointed Beyond Belief

Dear Disappointed,

I must say that I felt a bit queasy about what you described.  It does irk me when I hear of people teaching Argentine Tango that have no business doing so or think that after spending a bit of time in Buenos Aires makes them qualified.  People get so desperate to learn this wonderful dance that they will go to the first person in their area teaching.  I would know because my first teacher was someone who taught conveniently close to me when I lived in London.  Although he may be infamous, my first teacher actually does know how to dance Argentine Tango very well.  He just prefers to go a bit willy-nilly and teach show steps.  His warm –up exercises teach style and balance in the walk and his enthusiasm for what he does inspired me to broaden my horizons and take lessons from others.  That is when I found out I couldn’t really dance after all and had to start all over again.  🙂  Live and learn!

I am afraid that you may have to continue travelling for your dances like I do until someone who actually knows how to teach the basics eventually gets to your area, and leave this guy to his own devices.  I don’t expect he will last in your area too long.  Have you ever considered starting your own Milonga with someone who can teach the basics?

Any comments from my readers are welcome.

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