Ask Arlene…Travelling in Argentina

Dear Arlene,

I am planning a trip to Buenos Aires to dance Argentine Tango.  However, as I am travelling all that way, I thought it would be a good idea to see what else Argentina has to offer.  I am going for 1 month and I would like to have 2 weeks in Buenos Aires and 2 weeks elsewhere.  Do you have any recommendations?



Dear Frank,

You are a lucky person!  I haven’t even been to Buenos Aires, yet!  I am still reading The Rough Guide to Argentina!

Since I have started the blog, I have come across two tour companies that might be able to help you and they are linked on the right hand side of the blog.  The first company is Tango Tours.   They are based in the UK and only deal with travel to Argentina.

The next company is North West Nomad.  They offer tours off of the beaten track if you are looking for something different.  Though I am sure they can help you with whatever you are interested in.  They also have a blog with amazing photos describing some of their adventures.

I cannot make any recommendations personally as I haven’t been to Argentina yet, but both companies have a lot of information at your disposal.  I hope you have a great holiday.

If anyone else can add to this, please feel free to comment.

Happy New Year 2009!


Well, here we are celebrating another New Year!

It’s time to dance off those extra calories consumed during this festive season.  I know I did way too much cooking, and eating, over the holidays.  Now it’s time to get dancing!

The dancing starts again from Friday at Negracha.   On Saturday afternoon, there is a Tango Tea at The Tango Club.  Pop in and have a break from shopping or visiting the  art galleries and museums.  There is also dancing at The Crypt with El Once on Saturday night.  Have a look at the Events Calendar for more information.

If anyone has any Special Events or Workshops they would like me to list, please let me know.  Same goes for teacher listings.

I wish everyone joy, health and happiness and lots of dancing in 2009!

All the best and Happy Dancing,


Photos taken on Boxing Day at The Southbank

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