A week in Tango…1st to 7th December

I hadn’t been to The Dome for awhile as the last time I went it took me nearly two hours to drive there because of the road works by the new Westfield Shopping Centre.  Now that the shopping centre was completed, I thought I would take a risk and try again as my usual journey takes about 40 minutes in the car (less on the way back!).

After taking 10 minutes to scrape the ice off of the car and getting it warmed up (it was only one of the coldest nights we have had in ages) I was thinking I might be mad to be going out in this weather.  My only consolation at that point was in thinking that the car will be warm and it should be warm at the other end.  I was also desperate to try out my new CiF’sthat I bought last week!

I got there earlier than normal, as there was no traffic (result, but probably because no one else was crazy enough to be driving), and managed to catch the end of Hiba and Rene’s class.  I noticed that there weren’t many people there, which came as a surprise.  Carolina told me that when the weather gets extreme the numbers seem to drop – just like the temperature that evening.  I was hopeful that some more people would come along to warm things up and fortunately wasn’t disappointed.  Although it was not as busy as usual, there were plenty of bodies to cover the dance floor and there was a reasonable amount of room to dance without people bumping into each other.  Things seemed to pick up as the evening went along.  Hiba was the DJ for the evening and the music was very danceable, which meant that there were people on the floor for the most part.  I certainly enjoyed it.

I also took an opportunity to try and work on my photographic skills.  I am a point and shoot kind of girl and so I played around with the various features of my little camera to try and get some interesting photos for my posting.  If you want to look at them, you can see them here.  This is my first attempt at taking pictures at a Milonga and I definitely need more practice.  I found it interesting the attitude of people when they see you taking photos.  They either perform or they look slightly nervous.  So all of you people can relax, I was only taking photos of your feet or lower half.

Hiba & Rene

I took this photo of Hiba and Rene.  They have a lovely connection with each other, even if they are just playing with the music.  They play with each other, not for the audience.  I always watch the faces of people dancing and for the most part I don’t see much of a real connection between couples, so it was a real joy to watch them dancing together.  They obviously have that Tango Feeling.

On Saturday I went to The Crypt.  I was grateful that it was lovely and warm in there as it was another bitterly cold evening.  It was very busy as Véronique Bouscasse & Marek Szotkowski were teaching the class that evening.  I remember taking a class with Véronique at Negracha a while back and something she said has always stuck with me.  She said that it is the woman who decides the embrace.  Well, that works for me.  (More about that subject another time.)  I missed the class but caught the end of it where she and Marek danced to a Vals using the steps that had been taught earlier that evening.  Véronique is such an elegant dancer, and it was lovely to watch them together.

The rest of the evening went rather splendidly.  I had a glass of wine, admired the cakes that Paul made, and met some lovely new people.  I now know the identity of Ms. Hedgehog and we had a laugh about that.  She will remain a mystery on these pages.

I also took a risk and asked someone new to dance.  Turned out if was Detlef Engel. As I had been deleting the latest argument on the Tango UK group, my brain hadn’t registered his name when he told me – so I didn’t realise who he was until this morning.  I apologise for my ignorance.  In any event, I had some really lovely dances with him.  Thank you, Detlef.

I am having a break from dancing this evening and will be watching Giraldo performing with Vincent and Flavia on Strictly Come Dancing while writing my Xmas cards.  If you miss it, you can watch it here later.

Happy Dancing!

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