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Salsa Eastbourne@Chin-Chin

This post is not about Argentine Tango, so look away now if you are not interested. 🙂

As most of you probably already know, there is no Argentine Tango (not yet, but I am working on it) in Eastbourne.  Therefore, I have been utilizing the dance options available to me locally.  Currently, I am doing Bellydancing, Salsa, and LeRoc.  I am really loving the Bellydancing right now, but it clashes with the Tuesday night salsa class.

So, when Chrissy P contacted me about Salsa@Chin-Chin on Wednesdays I thought I would give it a try.  How could I not?  The place is just around the corner from me! 🙂  Chin-Chin is a new Tapas Bar and Lounge/Wine Bar on Grove Road, nr. The Town Hall and a couple of minutes walk up from The Train Station.

Salsa Eastbourne@Chin-Chin is on every Wednesday and they have been running for about 5 weeks now.  There is a beginner’s class from 7:30-8:30pm.  I was warned that the numbers are a bit low and that there were mostly beginners.  It obviously takes a bit of time to get things up and running and to spread the word.

I went along after the class, about 8:30.  I was met by the friendly barman, Andy, who informed me that the salsa was upstairs.  The class had just finished and there were a few people having a dance.  I found Chrissie P and introduced myself.  She is a lovely and friendly hostess and has been dancing and teaching Salsa for some time now.  As there were not enough men this evening, Chrissie took the lead and danced with the ladies too.  I had a little go, although a bit rusty, and enjoyed myself.  There happened to be another lady  there that I was acquainted with so that made my visit even more pleasurable.

The room upstairs has a small bar  on the left and is broken up into two sections.  There is a larger area for dancing  at the back and a smaller area in the front on the right for sitting and drinking.  I didn’t notice anywhere to hang up coats, but it wasn’t very busy so I put my jacket on the back of a chair with my bag.  One can easily see through to the dance area from the sitting area.  The sitting area has a couple of long benches with a few tables and chairs.  The flooring throughout is wood or laminate (I will have to re-visit and update this post) and felt lovely to dance on.

The entrance fee for the class and dancing is £5 and includes a drink from the bar.  My friendly barman Andy, who can also dance, brought up a glass of white wine for me. 🙂  (normally, one pays at the bar downstairs)

I only stayed for about an hour as it was very quiet.  However, I am happy to come on a regular basis as the people are friendly and I don’t mind dancing with beginners.  They don’t stay that way forever!  I am confident that the numbers will pick up.

On my way out I met the owner of Chin-Chin, another Chrissie.  She is also a newbie to Eastbourne and we got chatting.  She opened up Chin-Chin about 5 months ago and she loves music.  So there are regular music nights featuring jazz, blues and other types on the weekends.  Chin-Chin downstairs (the main area) has a lovely cozy feel to it, sort of like being in someone’s sitting room or conservatory.  I would be quite happy to come here to chill out and have a glass of wine on my own.  I could see this being my new local.  I am also quite partial to Tapas, so if I don’t feel like cooking….

So, people of Eastbourne and around, please come to Salsa@Chin-Chin on a Wednesday.  Remember, the more you go out and practice, the quicker you will pick it up.  It’s good to try new things!  Parking is free on the street after 6pm.

Please note that I have listed this venue and event on the Eastbourne Dance Calendar.


(PS: I am thinking it could make a nice cozy venue (like The Wine Bar) for a Milonga on a Monday nite.  Anyone want to help me teach a beginner’s class?)


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