Strictly Tango – Film24 – 07.01.10

Well, I watched Strictly Tango last night on TV.  The blurb mentioned that it was a film taking one back to the home of Tango, Buenos Aires.  Hmmm!  I thought for sure that meant that there would be film footage of people dancing in Buenos Aires.  But no, it was about a few people who were doing Ballroom, mainly in London.  I do not really feel  that the film title reflected the content, which I now think is rather misleading.  When they eventually did get to the Argentine Tango bit, I thought for sure that they would be chatting with people who helped to start the Tango movement in London.  It wasn’t so.  I was quite disappointed frankly.

If the title was Strictly Dancing, that would have made more sense as the film was essentially about a few people who dance various styles and what dancing means to them.  There were interviews with a few well-known ballroom dancers that have been on Strictly Come Dancing, a woman who makes amazing ballroom dresses, a professional woman learning to dance ballroom, a man who has done many styles of dance, and a couple of well-known AT teachers and an AT organiser.  Unfortunately, the Argentine Tango bit of the film was quite minimal compared to the Ballroom bit.

This is why I was annoyed about the film title.  I watched for nearly an hour wondering when they would get to the Argentine Tango bit and when they finally got to it, there was no footage of people dancing in Buenos Aires and very little of people dancing it in London.

Has anyone else seen this program, and what did you think about it?

Giraldo on Strictly Come Dancing

Giraldo danced with Maria Solero and Vincent and Flavia in what I considered to be a very steamy number. It started out with Maria and Flavia doing a sexy and erotic version of Indian leg wrestling on top of a small table.

Then the boys had a little moment together while the ladies were posing on the table. The audience loved it. The guys finally picked up the girls to dance with them. While Giraldo was dancing beautifully with Maria, Vincent and Flavia were doing some posey moves with Flavia on the table. Then they swapped around and Giraldo actually got on the table with Maria to dance. That looked really dangerous and quite impressive. It gave dancing on the tables a whole new meaning!

I think the table got more action than anyone else did! All in all, I thought our boy did well.

You can see a clip from the program on youtube here.

Or you can watch the whole episode here, but I don’t know for how long.  Just drag the the little button across the screen halfway and you should get to the Tango bit if you don’t want to watch the whole episode.  If someone could tell me the name of the music, that would be great.  I think it is Ojos Negros, but I am not 100% as this song seems to be missing from my repertoire.

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