Nuevo Tango is Dying – According to Some

It seems there is hope after all for those of us that prefer the classical Tango music and close embrace.

According to Irene on Irene and Man Yung’s Tango Blog, ‘Tango Nuevo’ is in its death throes.  If you do click on the link, be warned.  Irene does not mince her words.  In fact, she could be describing the London Tango scene.  I have seen plenty of middle-aged men with their baggy trousers, and heaven forbid, baseball caps (turned backwards!).  What woman would want to dance close to someone wearing a cap?  Oh, I momentarily forgot, they don’t dance close!

Even TangoCherie’s post on Milonguero Nuevo seems to confirm it! (It’s where Irene got her idea from)  These youngsters are dancing what is known here as fluid embrace.  I still can’t get used to that type of dancing.  Once I’m in the embrace and comfortable, I just want to enjoy it and not worry about separating.  It’s too much to think about and the whole idea in Tango is for the woman not to think too much and just enjoy the music.  However, fluid embrace is better than dancing large as long as people are mindful of the dance floor.

I remember when I started learning, it was with someone who taught large moves.  I didn’t know any better.  I also danced with anyone who asked me and a lot of guys danced with tricky moves.  I was ok with tricky and large back then.  I thought it was a good idea to be versatile.  I can still be versatile, but I choose not to and haven’t really danced large for a few years now.  I want to dance close and elegantly.  I don’t dance Tango much these days, so when I do, I want the experience to be the way that I want it and I dance with people who will give me that experience.  Sometimes one may slip through the net, but contrary to what some people say, a lady doesn’t have to do the move that the man is trying to lead if she isn’t comfortable with it.  I think people forget that the man ‘invites’ the woman to dance and he ‘invites’ her to move.  Certain things can be lead, but others must be invited.  I know so many ways to avoid doing a gancho it will make your head spin!

I am also a woman of a certain age.  I am in no hurry for things, so I don’t need to be charging around the dance floor trying to kick the back of my head, or anyone elses for that matter.  It would look silly.  I would also look silly wearing harem pants and a tank top to a milonga.  I don’t look silly when I wear harem pants for my Belly Dancing class.  There is a big difference between the two.

Irene is right.  The young nuevo dancers will get older and will eventually go back to the basics because of necessity.  Hopefully the current fad for the middle-aged will have passed as they might realise how daft they look and their bodies will eventually scream at them to slow down.

The only downside to that is I might be dead by the time they all work it out!

Todo Trajeado-Tango Fashion from Ella Sharp

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