Tango@33 – 14th Feb @ Pushkin House

Dear all

Come and celebrate with us this Sunday 14th February at the PUSHKIN HOUSE in
Bloomsbury Square  http://www.pushkinh ouse.org/ en/house
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**Tango in sumptuous, elegant surroundings with free nibbles and wine, in a delightful, friendly atmosphere – all welcome!**

Sunday 14th February:
– Beginners and Fundamental Techniques class with Naomi and Alex: 5.30 -7.00pm (£12 incl. milonga)
– General Level class with Silvia and Luis: 7.00 – 8.30pm (£12 incl. milonga)
Milonga 8.30pm – midnight: £10

**Please note that for this week only the milonga will begin a little later than usual at 8.30pm**
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***MILONGA DE TANGO DE SALON*** @Pushkin House
We will continue to dedicate one room to the rules of Salon Dancing!
Emphasising these simple rules of social dancing makes your dance a pleasurable experience!!
Enjoy the simple beauty of flowing in your dance on a crowded dance floor, close embrace posturing, and dancing in union with the other dancers on the floor, rather than as an individual.
Social tango with others involves floorcraft:
– keeping in your “lane” (not large side stepping into another “lane”)
– keeping behind the couple in front – NO OVERTAKING
– flowing forward on the dance floor – spending too long on one spot with figures stacks up the “traffic” behind you
– allowing the music to pause you when there are pauses, and move you in relation to the music (everyone is listening – hopefully!)
– naturally a lovely space is then created for ourselves and everyone around us
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With warmest greetings
Naomi, Alex and Silvia x
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Pushkin House
5a Bloomsbury Square
nearest tube: Holborn