Dreaming Big and Packing Lite: I am going to Argentina!

I have always wanted to go to Argentina to dance the REAL Tango in Buenos Aires.  After I put my dancing on hold (see this post) , my dream didn’t fade, it only got bigger.  Instead of wanting to go to BsAs for Tango, I wanted to travel around the country.  I nearly went, but I changed my mind because I didn’t want to travel around Argentina for a month on my own.  Not that I have a problem meeting people to do things with, but I felt that the experience would be better with a friend.  Then I bought a house.

I have been very busy with things other than Tango, such as the house, etc.  However, I now have someone that I am going to Argentina with.  As well as Argentina, I plan on exploring as much of Latin America as I can.  Notice how the dream has gotten even bigger!  Not only will I be dancing the REAL Tango in BsAs, I will get a chance to dance in other places in the country and on the continent!

I will be traveling with my partner for 3-6 months with only a 10 kilo backpack each.  There won’t be much room for fancy clothes, but I aim to take along a pair of dancing shoes!

If anyone has any tips about where to go, or has  friends I might be able to contact while visiting, I will be grateful for any help.  If you want to know what I am up to and what we are doing when we get there, please visit my new blog, http://dreambigpacklite.wordpress.com

In the meantime, Happy Dancing!

Milonga Maalbeek – Brussels – A Review

Review of Milonga Maalbeek
De Maalbeek, Hoornstraat 97, rue du Cornet 1040 Etterbeek.
Metro Schuman, bus 36 & 80
9pm – 2 am

We arrived around 11pm. The space is a modern theatre, large, decent sound quality. Use of theatrical lighting, as in Cellule the night before, created atmosphere but made the place very hot. There is a bar in the entrance of the building, away from the milonga space inside the theatre. No food! We were told this is normally a busier milonga but on this particular evening there were 20 people max when we arrived and numbers only went down. Perhaps because the previous weekend was the Brussels tango festival, could be the local tanguera population was recovering.

The greeting at the entrance was polite and reserved. The presence of 6 or so ex-pat Argentineans made us feel more welcome, without them the night would have been really quite solemn. The music was classic dance-able tandas, though the downbeat cortinas did not help the low energy atmosphere. The music peaked around 12:30 with D’arienzo back to back with a tanda of fast milongas, seems to be in fashion in Brussels. Most of the time we were there there only 3 or 4 couples on the dancefloor at any point. At 1:30 the place was emptying out, we relied on the courtesy of a resident Argentine to call us a cab, again hailing a cab would have been impossible and the Metro (15 min walk away) was closed by then. This could potentially be a nice night out if there were more people, but for us it was rather disappointingly flat.

The following night (Sunday) we were in Paris. The downlow from Carlos’ cousin was that Sunday is not a good tango night, the Parisiennes get up for work early on Monday. She recommended a practica that ended at 10:30. We opted instead for dinner followed by “le Crazy Horse” cabaret – well worth a visit for the high standard of choreography, lighting, and performance.


Review by:  http://www.carlosyalisontango.com

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