Dance Al Fresco this Weekend!

DANCE AL FRESCO returns for its second and final weekend this summer. The weather reports I’ve heard are predicting dry afternoons with comfortable temperatures.

On SATURDAY AUGUST 7TH, we’ll be Cha-Cha-Cha-ing and Quickstep-ing at THE BROADWALK BALLROOM, a mix of ballroom, Latin American, Salsa, Argentine Tango, line dancing and sequence dancing, with music by DJ JACKY LOGAN of “Jacky’s Jukebox” ( At 4:30pm there will be a ballroom demonstration performed by top UK amateur ten-dancers DANNY STOWELL & KATE MOORE.

On SUNDAY AUGUST 8TH, we’ll be tango-ing and milonga-ing at TANGO AL FRESCO, an Argentine-Tango-only event with music by DJ NIKKI PREDDY of “Dance Tango” ( Around 4:30pm-5pm there will be a demonstration by JUNIOR CERVILA & NATALIA ROYA. This is Junior’s first visit to London in many years, and Junior and Natalia are currently appearing in “Tanguera” at Sadlers Wells (

As usual, on both days there will be a class for beginners at 1pm, and dancing from 2pm-6pm. The cost is £10 to dance (including class and afternoon dancing), and all proceeds are donated to The Royal Parks Foundation for tree planting in Regent’s Park. Details of the events can be found on the Dance Al Fresco website ( – please note the new web address).


Two friends of mine making a small documentary film about Dance Al Fresco during the weekend. They have asked me to ask you:

Do you have a Dance Al Fresco story? Did a glimpse of people dancing in the park spark a passionate interest the dance and led you to learn it? Has learning to dance affected your life in a big way, even changed you? Has dancing created new connections in your life? Did you meet your soul mate on the dance floor? Are you transformed when you step into your dance shoes and take to the floor?

If so, and would like to share you story, whether it be ballroom, tango or Latin, please email Kele at or Ana Shorter at right away. Please let us know if you would be willing to take part in a brief interview for the documentary (interviews will take place during Al Fresco). It is important to know in advance who we will be speaking with during the weekend. Thank you.

If you do not wish to be filmed at all, please let me know when you arrive at the park, and the filmmakers will take that into consideration.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Kele Baker

Ask Arlene…Fear of the Milongas

Hello All,

Please note that I have quite a few saved comments for Ask Arlene that I am trying to work my way through.  I will be answering them, slowly but surely, as there are some interesting topics to cover.  Life is a bit busy right now so please bear with me.  I will get to everyone as soon as I can.

From: Tango neophyte

Dear Arlene,

I’ve been learning Tango for about a year now, but have not been brave enough to attend any Milongas until recently when I attended Tango Al Fresco in Regent’s park, unfortunately I was never asked to dance! Whereas it was lovely to watch people dance it would have been nice if I’d had one dance.
Can you offer any advice as to how to get over my fear of attending Milonga on my own and not been asked to dance?

Dear TN,

I find it very interesting and strange that you have not attended any Milongas in the year you have had lessons.  I am really surprised that your instructor did not encourage you, nor suggest any venues for you to attend.  (The Crypt is a pretty friendly place and so is The Wine Bar.)

Frankly, it does not surprise me to learn that you were not asked to dance at Tango Al Fresco.  Most people that go there tend to go in groups and dance with their friends, or if alone, dance with people that they know because they met them in the other Milongas.  The rest are usually onlookers.  Outdoor Milongas are not necessarily the best places to start dancing.

I have written about getting dances on many posts on my blog.  It might be useful for you to read some of them.

I always go to Milongas alone.  If I waited for anyone to do anything, I would be sitting on my butt at home alone.  You just have to do it.  I didn’t dance much in the beginning.  It takes time to get to know people.  You need to put yourself out there and be sociable.  Make friends with women.  They are THE most sane people at a Milonga.  Go to classes before the Milongas to meet people.  It is called networking.  Smile.  A lot.  I did the same thing when I first started to learn Salsa (which I learned before Tango) and Ceroc.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  The fact is, you already went out of your comfort zone and went to an outdoor Milonga, good for you.  Now that you have experienced that, it will get easier each time you go out.  Oh, and don’t have any expectations, then you won’t get disappointed.  You can’t expect people to dance with you if they don’t know you or haven’t seen you dance or if you don’t put yourself out a little bit.

But be careful what you ask for.  Try and be a little bit selective.  Look at the dance floor and see what you like or don’t like about someone’s dancing.  Tango isn’t always about dancing.  It is about the music and enjoying yourself.  Before you know it you will be dancing.  Sometimes it will be good, it will be great, it will be average and it will be bad.  Give it some time and you will be complaining with the rest of them about there not being any good dancers to dance with. 😉

So you better get out there.  There is another Tango al Fresco coming up soon!